About the Company

Nowa Szkoła (LLC) is a leader on the Polish market of educational furniture and educational and rehabilitation aids. Since 1992 we have been targeting the young child’s environment. We are the biggest Polish company to provide comprehensive equipment to educational institutions but also individual customers. Our offer includes preschool and school furniture, rehabilitation and sports equipment, educational aids and toys.

Our highly qualified staff and our own machinery and labour force are a guarantee of high quality of products.

Safety, quality and education – we have always been faithful to these ideas and they are key to our success. The main objective behind our each new product is to create opportunities for better understanding of the natural world and social life through observation and experimenting.

When implementing our ideas about nursery school furniture, teaching aids or educational toys, we make every effort to keep the educational space of day care centres and schools a safe and creative place in which both children and their teachers feel most comfortable.

Comprehensive and multidimensional development of children requires well-adapted and friendly interiors with the right educational equipment. High aesthetic value, functionality and above all safety are our priorities in designing for the youngest. For years we have invested in state-of-the-art technologies and cared about the highest standards. The excellent quality of our products has been certified and awarded internationally. We believe that only a friendly environment is conducive to full development of a child’s potential and to tackling new challenges effectively.

The figures in our logo hold hands. This is to represent our belief that what a child needs to develop fully is harmonious relationship between parents, teachers and the educational environment which our furniture, aids and toys will transform into a functional and inspirational space.