Audit CSR

In September 2014 a production process audit was carried out at the Nowa Szkoła works by MPM Productivity Management and by Lodz Polytechnic.

The audit covered the following areas:

  1. Machinery layout and flow of goods.
  2. Prodution planning with special attention to the evaluation of the rough cut capacity planning system and scheduling.
  3. Influence of volume and mix on production organization.
  4. Identification of environmental aspects, including the identification of negative environmental impact with special regard to waste management.
  5. Personnel management – evaluation of work organization, personnel qualifications + their duties and responsibilities, circulation of information and documents at the workplace.
  6. Analysis of readiness for 5S implementation (workplace evaluation).
  7. Quality management system (evalution of the implementability of ISO 9001:2012 quality management system and of TQM principles along the Polish Quality Award model).

Each of the audits ended with a status report.

Additionally, a report with recommendations for each area was drawn up. Their implementation at the Nowa Szkoła works has improved the efficiency of the wood shop and its machinery (beam saw, Alberti-CNC machine tool and Roxyl edgebander), as well as reducing production and cutting waste.

On implementing the audit recommendations the wood shop efficiency increased by 84% (with the average two-months‘ output as the measurement unit – March/April 2013 and October/November). For machinery efficiency the following increases were observed: beam saw: 66% to 67,2%, Albert-CNC machine tool: 86% to 91,1%, Roxyl edgebander: 66% to 73%. In addition, we have managed to reduce production waste (0.40% to 0.38%) and cutting waste (15% to 13%).