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Another Spielwarenmesse has come to a close, and we wanted to extend our sincere gratitude for taking the time to visit the Nowa Szkoła stand. It was truly a pleasure to meet you and have the opportunity to showcase our latest products and innovations at our booth.

Your feedback and insights are incredibly valuable to us, so please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, suggestions, or collaboration opportunities you may have in mind.

As we continue to evolve and expand our product line, we would love to stay connected with you. Keep updated on our latest developments by following us on social media and checking for updates on our website.

Once again, thank you for visiting us at Spielwarenmesse. We look forward to the possibility of connecting with you further and hearing from you soon.

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Novelties 2024

We are happy to present our catalogue for 2024 featuring exclusively products launched this year. Particularly noteworthy are the Optima collection in a modern colour palette, the Master Kitchen furniture series, solid chairs in contemporary colours, leisure furniture, sensory room aids, wall panels or 3D printing sets.

For over 32 years we have been creating educational spaces and strengthening our market position as a responsible producer and reliable business partner. We continually invest in modern energy-saving machines and equipment to save time while increasing accessibility and variety of choices.

By optimising production, we make every effort to meet our customers' expectations with respect for the environment.


International 2023

Our products combine modern design with high standards while the team of experienced designers, trusted suppliers and innovative manufacturing solutions guarantee high quality of our products as well as services. Inside the catalogue, you will find our usual offer with a special addition of carefully selected novelties for 2023:

FURNITURE including 15 collections: Minty, Fantasy (Forest, Jungle, Farm, Royal, Wave), Pastel & Rainbow, Cubo, Fresh, Prima, Classical, Modern, Exclusive, Train, as well as chairs, tables and desks, cloakrooms, soft seats, equipment for cloakrooms and bathrooms.

REHABILITATION & ACTIVITY PLAY which consist of foam shapes, soft rockers, mattresses, dry pools, sensory aids, gym equipment for active play or rehabilitation.

EDUCATION in the form of teaching aids, which especially teachers of mathematics, geography, biology, chemistry, physics, ICT, arts & crafts will appreciate.



About Us

Since its foundation in 1992 Nowa Szkoła has been persistent and consistent inpromoting and creating a friendly educational environment. Our main addressees are always children; therefore, our priorities – from project to product – are safety, quality and development.

A coherent and orderly space requires comprehensive planning. Therefore, our offer includes complete furnishing and equipment of primary schools and nurseries. Our safe and functional furniture, educational aids and materials, toys, as well as sports and rehabilitation equipment are all geared to children’s capabilities, their educational needs, their parentsexpectations and the teaching programmes.

Our products are exported worldwide. This is possible thanks to our highly qualified personnel and state-of-the-art machinery stock. The quality of our products has earned numerous certifications and our constant co-operation with experts allows us to adjust quickly to our clients’ needs and to the current educational trends.

We hope to win over many new customers. Our regulars know very well that Nowa Szkoła means reliability and satisfaction.

For every export order the freight charges will be calculated individually. Please contact Export Department for more information.

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