Our CSR Mission and Vision

By following the CSR model Nowa Szkoła seeks to build its distinctive brand name of an entity responsible to society and friendly to its clients, personnel, suppliers and the environment. It aspires to operate as a community of people not only working together but also sharing and fulfilling the same values. At the same time, we want to appreciate all our stakeholders in the widest sense – employees, suppliers, subcontractors, customers, society.

Primary strategic CSR objectives:

  • to create a positive company image among stakeholders (particularly among clients, current and potential employees and the local community); the company aspires to be perceived as co-responsible for the natural environment and friendly to the public and employees, who – besides employment – are offered a chance to participate in a joint mission,
  • also, to be seen as responsible for the quality of its products intended for children, whose well-being is a real value to the company,
  • to increase the trust of clients and other parties (suppliers, recipients and subcontractors),
  • to strengthen the company‘s market position,
  • to improve employee satisfaction,
  • to develop a solid employer brand,
  • to provide comprehensive and methodical CSR management.

These objectives having been met, higher turnover ratios will be achieved thanks to increased engagement and efficiency of employees, increased customers‘ trust, strengthening of the company‘s market position, waste reduction and implementation of other audit recommendations.